Micro Studio

Helpful hints on getting your micro-studio set up.

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Guitar Amp Modeling

There are a few amp modeling applications out there and it's tough to weed through them to determine which one is really the best.

This is a sweet system. Easy to use and very versatile. Highly recommended.

Guitar Rig
You can get some really great distortion sounds, but for classic clean tube-like thickness, this system was lacking. I wasn't that impressed with the system. But, like everything, it's a matter of taste.



Get a Mac. Any Mac will do.

If you get a PC, you'll end up just banging your head against the wall.



Great for recording and generating unique sounds. Mixing and editing tools are quirky. No external hardware needed.

The industry standard. You just can't beat the user interface and ease of operation (once you get the hang of it). Unfortunately, the software is tied to hardware, which kind of sucks. But for mixing and editing, you really can't beat this system.

Ableton Live >>
While I've never used this app, I've only heard good things about it. There's a nice inexpensive entry level price point.




Fostex MR-8
Having a non-computer based recording system is great because it helps keep the creativity rolling without having to be all hunched over a computer.

Punching "real" buttons while sitting on a stool is where things happen.

The way I see things is that there are two sides of the brain, creative and logical. When making music, you're operating on the creative side. When operating a computer, you're on the logical side.

Creativity is supressed each time you focus on the software and interact with the mouse and keyboard.

With an analog-ish recording situation, all you're doing is punching a button to record, keeping you in the creative mode.

If, however, you're not part of the band, and you're just recording other folks, then no problem, record direct into the software. You'll need to pick out a DAW.



Shure 58A
You can't go wrong with this well know work-horse.

Blue Yeti Pro
Excellent feature-set, has USB + XLR, plus you can change the pickup pattern. Really nice smooth tone.


Second Opinion

The folks over at eHomeRecordingStudio.com have lots of good insight. I'm not affiliated with them, they just have a nice focus.





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